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“In many ways, pregnancy after loss can be a very lonely journey, even if you’re surrounded by family members who are desperately trying to offer their love and support and healthcare providers who are doing their best to ease your anxiety this time around. Sometimes the only thing that can make you feel less alone is to connect with other parents who have made this journey—parents who understand the mix of joy and worry that accompany you during this unique pregnancy experience. Journeys: Stories of Pregnancy After Loss will become a treasured pregnancy companion to parents who are embarking on—or even contemplating—pregnancy after loss: a friend who has been there and who understands how why one positive pregnancy test result the next time around is never enough, how sonographs can sometimes feel like “the enemy,” and how the experience of loss changes the landscape of pregnancy and parenthood forever.”
- Ann Douglas, co-author, Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss and author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

"Our stories of loss define each of us -- yet when left untold, can be the source of additional grief and pain. In sharing our stories with others, we not only progress on our own journey of healing, but also help others to do the same. Amy Abbey`s book is about hope: the loss and subsequent pregnancy stories of those who have `been there` not only affirm we are not alone -- they also can help us build the courage to dream again."
- Michael Nettleton, Administrator, www.SPALS.com -- an online community providing Subsequent Pregnancy After a Loss Support

“In the book, Journeys: Stories of Pregnancy After Loss, Amy Abbey and other authors lovingly share in a brutally honest manner, their journey from planning for babies, to experiencing the death of their children and finally birthing a living child. The journal style writing conveys the anguish and heartache mothers feel in their sometimes difficult quest for motherhood. Sadness and joy and everything in between can be found between the covers of this magnificent book.”
- Sherokee Ilse, author Empty Arms and other books on infant loss, is also the mother of two living sons and three children waiting for her in heaven.


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